Big Boss SmarTop Cooker - Why Reviews Say This Revolutionary Cooktop Will Replace Your Traditional Stove for Cooking

When cooking, you might think that the traditional stove and pan is the best and easiest way to cook your food. The Big Boss SmarTop Cooker™ however, is a revolutionary cooktop that will surely change the way you cook forever. The biggest difference between a traditional stove and the Big Boss SmarTop Cooker is on the method of heating. While traditional stoves use flame to heat a pan which also heats up the air around, the Big Boss SmartTop Cooker employs induction cooking that specifically heats only the pan itself. This allow you to heat the pan a lot faster than usual, as well as cook foods about 50% faster. With the Big Boss Smart Top Cooker, you can also easily dial in the desired temperature that you want to cook your food with, making it ideal for a wide variety of cooking applications like for searing, heating, slow cooking, boiling and many more. The Big Boss SmarTop Cooker also does not use an open flame in order to cook, and consumes 50% less energy than other comparable cookers. It also features a compact and portable design, making it perfect for use both for indoor and outdoor cooking situations. Reviews say that the versatility and efficient cooking capability of the Big Boss SmarTop Cooker makes it a suitable replacement to your traditional cooking stove.

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