Big City Slider Station - From Billy Mays Comes a Quick and Easy Burger Press Maker for Those Sliders Mini-Burgers.

We all love to go out to the old-time diners - don't you wish you could bring that delicious diner taste home to your kitchen? Now you can with the Big City Slider Station™, the fast and easy way to press and cook sliders in just two minutes. With the Big City Slider Station, there's no messy squishing, no flipping and no hassle. Just listen to what famed products reviewer Billy Mays has to say when he reviews the Big City Slider Station: "With the Slider Station, you just scoop and press right on the stove - it cooks both sides at once for two-minute sliders...[and] it's the ultimate burger press - you can load the grill in no time." The Big City Slider Station is the only slider maker that lets you cook amazingly delicious slider in just two minutes - and clean up twice as fast with its non-stick surface that even burnt on cheese won't stick to. You can make hamburgers from ground beef, chuck, sirloin; or healthy entrees from turkey, chicken, or even veggie burghers with the BigCity Slider Station. Use your favorite toppings and wrap you sliders in a dinner roll, potato roll or any other roll and your entire family will think you've opened a 50's diner right in your home! Try the Big City Slider Station right now and you'll also get a measuring scoop, a recipe guide and the special bonus Quick Prep Slicer - it quickly slices pickles, onions and more in one chop - absolutely free! Put your sliders on a bed of onions for that tasty old-fashioned appeal fast. Everyone loves sliders. Bring 'em home today with the Big City Slider Station.

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