Big Show - Easily Enjoy Videos and Movies On Your Phone with this Product

Smart phones are not only used as communication and work devices but they also are used by a lot of people as entertainment devices for watching movies and even playing games. If you find that the current small size of your screen is hampering the enjoyment that you can get then Big Show™ is the product that you will definitely want to use with your mobile device. As seen on, all you need to do is to prop up the Big Show and then place your mobile device behind the lens. What the BigShow does is that it magnifies the image on the screen of your mobile device up to 3x which allows for much more immersion and enjoyment from the mobile device that you use. Also, what's great about the Big Show is that it does not introduce any distortion to the image so you will be able to enjoy a big screen viewing experience from your mobile device with maximum clarity. What a lot of users also love about the Big Show is that it features a compact and relatively thin form factor which makes the product very easy to bring around the home, to the office and can even transform your mobile device into a truly mobile cinema when you are on the road, travelling.

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