Big Top Cupcake - Cupcakes 50 Times Bigger, With This Silicone Stick-Free Pan

With Big Top Cupcake™ you get the ultimate cupcake of your life-25 times bigger than a regular sized cupcake. Tiny cupcakes take a long time to make, and metal pans are inconvenient and can be messy. Cupcakes can still stick on them after they are baked and removed from the pan. But if you buy a Big Top Cupcake you can have a convenient, silicone non-stick pan. No more complaints about time and trouble. The Big Top Silicone pan is even microwaveable. Your family can work together to make the Big Top Cupcake design of their whims, fancy and dreams. It could be a happy cat or a cupcake Christmas tree, a happy house, or a carnival design. And there will be no more complaints about taking the cupcakes out of the pan, because the Big Top Cupcake silicone pan is flexible and a perfect cupcake pops out every time. You have your cupcake in three simple steps-mix, bake and decorate. You can even mix and match flavors and make your own filling, too with their magic filling insert. You can put gelatin, moose, or even ice cream. With Big Top Cupcake you can make your delicious dreams come true.

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