Bike Nook - Easily and Quickly Store Your Bike with this Product

Cycling is a very popular sport activity nowadays as not only is it fun but it also can have a lot of benefits to an individual's health. If you find it difficult to store your bike however then the Bike Nook™ is the product that you will definitely want to be using. Storing your bike in a horizontal positon can take up a lot of space. As seen on, the BikeNook on the other hand, allows users to store their bikes in a vertical manner. To use, all you need to do is to place the Bike Nook on a flat and smooth surface. Then, roll the back wheel of your bike onto the product's ramp, lift the front wheel off of the ground and put the bike in a vertical position and then lock it into place on the Bike Nook's vertical brace. For added security and stability, simply secure the front wheel onto the Bike Nook with the included strap. With this product, you will now be able to save up to 3.5 feet worth of space in your home. This allows you to easily store your bike indoors without too much hassle involved. This product can also act as a nice display platform for your bike.

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