Bion Smart File - The Secure Online Document Tracking System That Make File Sharing Safe and Easy

In the maze of information people are handed to today, it's surprising how much we still don't know. Bion Smart File™ is the revolutionary new document tracking system that will give you the information you need to succeed today. On a regular basis, we are bombarded with pointless info about what is going on in the world, but not the real pressing matters we need to get to. Remember all those times you wondered who exactly is reading that report you made, or who viewed that presentation you designed? Maybe you want to know at the exact time somebody reads your document that it is being read, because that could increase your chances of doing business with them. Bion Smart File knows that this kind of information is essential for business success in today's technology driven world, and its secure online document system will help you get that information. You will find out if your work is making an impact, or just taking up storage space on someone's computer. You will get data and analytics regarding use of your files and documents. You can even choose to get live alerts the moment someone is examining your work, via email or via phone. Bion Smart File works with the most popular document formats as well as two major operating systems, allowing you to leverage its power across different kinds of consumers. Get started on Bion Smart File today and see just how powerful being informed with the right information can be.

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