Bissell Versus - Cordless Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner with a Patented V-Foot Cleans with More Ease and Power than Any Sweepers

Ever notice how no matter how much backbreaking stretching, bending and straining you do, your bare floor vacuum still doesn't get all the dust and dirt off of your floors? Now you can effortlessly vacuum your bare floors with the revolutionary Bissell Versus™ sweeper, the cordless cleaner that utilizes powerful triple-action technology to help you win the war against dirt. The Bissell Versus is radically different from traditional bare floor vacuums. It combines the power of a full size sweeper into the compact convenience of a bare floor cleaner with three incredible technnology breakthroughs: a patented v-shaped foot design that easily maneuvers around obstacles like table legs and chairs, and snugs right up to corners and edges for superb pickup power; a 12-amp motor unmatched by other bare floor vacuums; and total floor suction technology for dust and dirt-free floors, even in corners Review after review agrees: the BissellVersus is the fastest and easiest way to vacuum bare floors. Each of the cordless Bissell Versus parts is engineered to make sweeping easier - including a large suction hole that works with the extra-wide 13" v-foot to channel even large dirt and debris into a bagless waste disposal container. Just unclip and dump in your trash can! Best of all, the Bissell Versus even comes with detachable parts for cleaning off-floor surfaces such as stairs and around railings. The Bissell Versus works on all bare floors: hard wood floors, tile, linoleum, textured floors and even low-rise carpets. Other vacuums waste suction because they do not contact the floor, and large debris gets stuck in their intakes causing frustration and wasting time. Stop wasting your valuable time and money on inefficient bare floor vacuums and make your life easier - and your home cleaner - with the triple-action sweeping power of the versatile Bissell Versus.

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