Blendy Paints - Buy the Deluxe Coloring Kit for Kids. Orders Include Pens, Pencils, Instructions, Posters and More.

Want to inspire constructive creativity in your children? Look no further than Blendy Paints™ , the color fusion explosion that's great fun for kids, no mess for parents. As seen on TV, the instructions for using Blendy Paints are easy - simply put two Blendy Paints bottles end-to-end in the fusion chamber and push for a bright color fusion! There's no set up, no clean up, no drips, no spills - no mess. With Blendy Paints, your kids will paint, dab and fuse their way to colorful creations that reveal the true artists within. All Blendy Paints orders come with 10 paints and the Blendy Paints fusion chamber. But if you buy Blendy Paints today, you'll also get 25 free coloring posters and a special bonus - 16 Blendy Pens, the original color fusion that lets your kids blend colors in the pen fusion chamber. And if you order right now you'll also get 5 free Blendy Pencils, each with 3 blendable colors - just twist and color. Your kids are creative experts - them the express their wonderful talents with the three-in-one Blendy Paints, Blendy Pens and Blendy Pencils Deluxe Kit. Buy Blendy Paints today.

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