Block Out - The Amazing Invisible Water-Proof Barrier That Dries Fast on Fabric and Protects Your Clothing From Spills

Have you ever gone out and have accidentally been splashed on by a drink, leaving you with a permanently ruined the dress or shirt that you have been wearing? Well that won't happen again after using Block Out™, the amazing spray on water barrier that will protect your clothing from spills and splashes. Having colored drinks or dirty water spilled on your dress or shirt will surely ruin your day, but with Block Out, all you need to do is spray it onto the fabric and your clothing is protected from spills. Block Out dries fast so you do not have to wait for hours, even minutes in order to be protected. It also is invisible and leaves no residue, so it will not ruin your favorite clothing. Block out completely encapsulates whatever it is sprayed on like clothes, bags or shoes. This makes a barrier that is totally impenetrable by water. Even a thin piece of tissue, once sprayed with Block Out, becomes water proof. You can use Block Out on a variety of surfaces. Aside from the mentioned clothes bags and shoes, you can also use Block Out on wood surfaces, chairs, tables, car upholstery or anything that you want to keep dry. So if you want to protect your things from being damaged and ruined by water and other colored liquid substances, Block Out will give you the protection you need in order to waterproof your items.

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