Blood Type Workout - The Comprehensive DVD Kit with Workouts for Your Specific Blood Type

Have you tried various fitness exercises, routines and diets yet none of them seem to work? Studies show that an individual's blood type can have a huge influence on how the body responds to a workout routine, and with this fact in mind, Blood Type Workout™ has got you covered. It is a health and fitness kit which features various DVDs that contain a variety of workout routines that are specifically tailored to fit each and every blood type. You get 3 exercise DVDs for each blood type, and each of these sets contain different exercises from each other, yet each of them are fun, engaging and intense. You also get a Hybrid Blood Type DVD which works for all blood types and is a good supplemental exercises DVD for the blood-type tailored routine for you. Along with the DVDs, you also get a 72 page Nutritional Diet Book to guide you on how to eat properly while still losing weight and getting fit without starving yourself. You also get a workout calendar that details which routines to do every day. With the tailored-to-blood-type exercises, Nutritional Guide and workout calendar, The Blood Type Workout system ensures that your body will get the most out of your workouts giving you the slim and sexy body that you have always wanted in no time at all.

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