Blue Zone - Enjoy Audio from Your TV or AV Source with Utmost Comfort and Without Disturbing Others

Do you hate it that you are watching a TV show but cannot turn the volume up because there are other people sleeping in the vicinity? The Blue Zone™ is the product for you then. As seen on, the BlueZone features ultra-thin Bluetooth speakers that, despite their diminutive size, are able to produce great sound that will allow you to truly enjoy the audio of the movie that you are watching or the music track that you are listening to and since these speakers connect via Bluetooth, you do not need to contend with wires in order to use and enjoy the Blue Zone. Also, what's great about these speakers is that they are embedded in a super-soft headband. Not only does this make them very easy to wear, but they are also quite comfortable to use even for long periods of time. Their design and function makes them great for use during bedtime when you want to watch TV but your spouse or kids are already fast asleep as you will not be disturbing their rest while you get to enjoy great audio quality without compromising on your comfort level while using Blue Zone. The product also features 8 to 12 hours of use from a full charge, so you will surely get a lot of enjoyment out of the product.

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