Booty Blanket - The Blanket that is sure to keep your Body Warm through the Cold Times

On those cold days or nights when you have nothing to do, probably the only thing on your mind is to lay on your bed or couch and snuggle up to keep warm. However, if your conventional blankets are not able to effectively keep you warm, especially the area of your feet then the Booty Blanket™ is the perfect product for you. Upon seeing the product, you might think that the Booty Blanket is just like any other blanket or fleece that you get to use today. However, what sets the Booty Blanket apart from the rest is that it has its own booties attached to it. This allows the BootyBlanket to effectively provide warmth to your feet as well. Also, thanks to the built-in booties, the Booty Blanket also allows you to pull the blanket all the way to your chin without exposing your feet, providing you with the best in warmth and comfort. What users also love about the blanket is that it is stain resistant and is quite durable as well. The Booty Blanket can be machine washed with no worries yet the manufacturer still guarantees that the product will last you for many years. The Booty Blanket also comes in three colors: cream, grey and brown so it should fit many types of existing home dĂ©cor with ease.

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