Bop A Mouse - Keep Your Cat Active and Energetic with this Product

When cats have nothing to do, they either just lie around all day or take out their boredom onto the various objects around your home, both of which are definitely not ideal. If you are looking for a product that will help to keep your cat active and happy for a good amount of time, then the Bop A Mouse™ is the product that you should get for your pet. As seen on, the Bop A Mouse offers your cat a number of ways to have a fun time. First off, the product features mouse models that pop up randomly around the top portion of the Bop A Mouse. This will surely cause your cat to pounce and paw on the product, and the random nature of this action will most certainly keep your mouse playing with the product for hours on end. It does not stop there though. The Bop A Mouse also features laser lights on its sides which will also catch your cat's attention, causing it to follow the lights. There also are 2 scratch pads on the surface of the Bop A Mouse which is catnip infused, which will certainly keep your cat entertained. With this product, the manufacturer promises that your cat will stay active and keep on having fun for hours, even if you do not play with your cat directly.

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