Bottle Boss - Easily Store Your Sport Bottles, Protein Shakers and Other Similar Items with Ease

If you are the active or outdoors type of person then you most likely have a host of protein shakers, sport bottles, thermoses and the like in your home but the problem is that they can be quite bulky and top heavy, making them tip over easily and quite difficult to store. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily store these items, then Bottle Boss™ is the product that you should use. Bottle Boss is quite easy to install. As seen on, simply secure both BottleBoss attachment points onto a flat surface and then place the Bottle Boss Elastic band on. These elastic bands are able to hold a number of different bottles and thanks to the compression action that they can apply onto the bottles that you want to store, you are guaranteed that they will not fall or tip over. Also, Bottle Boss can be used on any flat surface so whether you want to store your bottles on the wall for easy access or maybe hang them off the back of your cabinet door for a neat appearance then Bottle Boss will definitely allow you to do so. Bottle Boss can also be used to store smaller items like baby bottles for example, making them quite the versatile storage solution.

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