Bow Wow Brite - Reviews say this Special Dog Leash Will Help Keep You and Your Dog Safe When Walking at Night

A lot of dog owners love to walk their pets at night as it is cool and not as busy as the day time but the problem with this is that the dark can make it harder to spot you and your dog, which can increase your risk for accidents. If you are looking for a product that will help make you and your dog visible when you walk at night then the Bow Wow Brite™ is the product that you should get. As seen on, the BowWow Brite is a dog leash that is very high quality and is made from a durable nylon material along with sturdy steel hardware so you are guaranteed that the leash or its hardware will not break even if your dog gets a little too active when walking. What reviews really love about the Bow Wow Brite however is that it features red LED lights that are built into the leash. These bright LED lights light up at a press of a button and can be seen for up to 100 yards away in the dark. These LED lights then will make it easy for drivers as well as passers-by to spot you and your dog, minimizing your risk for accidents when walking your beloved pet at night.

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