Breezy Dreams - This Nightgown Keeps You Cool Throughout the Night. Perfect for Women Going Through Menopause.

Are currently going through menopause or hormonal problems and do you frequently suffer from hot flashes, especially during bed time which makes it very uncomfortable for you to sleep at night due to your excessive sweating and high temperature? Breezy Dreams™ is the solution to your problem. It is a specially designed cooling nightgown that is proven to help you maintain a cool temperature throughout the night, and will keep you dry and give you comfortable sleep. Breezy Dreams achieves this amazing effect through its BretheKnit Fabric which draws moisture away from your skin and into the surface of the fabric. This effect of the fabric is effective at keeping you dry and cool through out the night. A lot of women actually do not get to sleep well due to feeling hot and excessive sweating throughout the night, this due to hormonal imbalances and even menopause. Now you do not need to wake up hours into your sleep just to change your soaking nightgown due to your excessive sweating thanks to Breezy Dreams. Not only is it extremely soft and comfortable to wear even for hours on end, but it is also machine washable and dryer safe making cleanup extremely easy.

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