Brew Caps - Reviews Love How You Can Make Your Own Coffee Capsules at Home

Preparing coffee using single serve cups is probably the easiest way you can have coffee that tastes like those that are brewed in coffee shops. However, having to throw the coffee cap away after use means that you are just throwing away your money, but this problem can be solved by using Brew Caps™. With this innovative product, you can easily reuse coffee capsules, allowing you to make your very own coffee capsules at the comfort of your own home. To make your own coffee cup, all you need to do place your desired amount of coffee inside your used coffee cap using the included scoops and just snap on the Brew Cap to seal. It is that easy! As seen on, it even features a spray system that evenly diffuses the coffee mixture for the best and smoothest flavor. With Brew Caps, you do not have to throw away your already used coffee cups to the trash. Just reseal them and you can reuse them for days or weeks to come. Reviews love the fact that you can now use whatever flavor coffee you want into your coffee cups, so the Brew Caps not only saves them money, but makes them enjoy their coffee drinking experience a lot more as well.

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