Bright Buddy Leash - Keep Your Dog Safe and Easy to Check on Even at Night with this Product

If you have a pet dog that you really love, then you surely want to keep your pet safe and comfortable at all times. A lot of dogs and other pets get into accidents at night like getting run over by cars because they can be quite hard to see, but with the Bright Buddy Leash™, this should not be too much of a problem. BrightBuddy Leas is a specially designed collar and leash combo that not only keeps your dog easy to walk around and secure, but makes them very visible, even at night. This is because the Bright Buddy Leash glows brightly, making your beloved pet visible for even up to a 1000 feet. The Bright Buddy Leash achieves this amazing effect thanks to the LED lights that are embedded into the collar itself, which can shine very bright and improve the visibility of your pet, even at night. Despite the bright light, these LEDs are cool to the touch, so they won't harm your dot or cause any discomfort. Bright Buddy Leash is also very durable thanks to the double stitching of the collar, so you are guaranteed that not only will it keep your dog safe and visible, but it will last you a lot of use as well.

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