Bright Bugz - This Product Allows You to Do Dazzling Light Tricks and Shows

A lot of people are fascinated by colorful and dancing lights so if you want to have your own light and magic show then Bright Bugz™ are what you will want to get. As seen on, Bright Bugz are touch-activated pads that will allow you to perform truly dazzling yet at the same time easy to learn magic tricks that will definitely wow your friends as well as your family. Bright Bugs also comes in 2 color variants, blue and pink, so you can have multiple combinations of Bright Bugz if you wish. To further enhance your experience when using Bright Bugz, the kit will allow you to download the Bright Bugz app for your Android or iOS mobile device. Not only does the app contain instructional videos for you to follow and allow you to learn how to perform advanced Bright Bugz tricks with ease but you can also do the Bright Bugz Light to Phone Trick and get to use the Bright Bugz with the included 3D HoloBeam as well. With the Bright Bugz as well as the tutorials and apps that are included in the kit, you will definitely be able to learn how to create your own amazing as well as dazzling light show.

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