Bright Light Pillow - The Pillow That's A Night Light Too, It Will Bring Sweet Dreams To You

Light up your night with the Bright Light Pillow™. Bright Light Pillow's are soft, super comfortable pillows that are filled with beautiful LED lights that make them shine and dazzle. Simply squeeze a bright light pillow and you can watch it light up. A perfect night light for children who are afraid of the dark and have a hard time falling asleep. All kids will have to do is squeeze their Bright Light Pillow, and the colorful LED lights will help them feel safe. These Smart Bright Light Pillows will then lull your child to sleep with the softly changing light colors and then automatically turn off after 15 minutes, allowing them to dream sweetly. Because it uses LED technology, the pillows can run on for hours and hours just on 3 AA batteries. They also do not burn out or heat up, making it perfectly safe for your child. But these pillows aren't just for kids. Teenagers and adults will love the decorative element they bring to any room of the house. Because they come in three different shapes (square, circle and heart) to suit anyone's taste, you can put them in any part of your home that needs sprucing up. You can even give one to your pet to make its sleeping area a little bit more comfy. These Bright Light Pillows are truly a wonderful addition to your home.

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