Broom Mop - This Simple Innovation Will Help Make Your House Cleaning Work a Faster and Easier Experience

When you do your cleaning in and around your home, the need to contend with dry waste and wet mess can make your overall cleaning experience that much harder. If you are looking for a single cleaning tool that will allow you to easily clean both wet and dry mess with ease, then the Broom Mop™ is the product for you. As the name goes, this tool combines the functions of both a broom and a mop in one cleaning tool. As seen on, the Broom Mop's cleaning head is made up of high quality microfiber material that features dozens of tiny bristles on its surface. Not only does this help to grab and trap debris but this also creates an electromagnetic charge between the Broom Mop's cleaning head and the surface that you are cleaning. This allows the product to effectively attract dirt particles onto the cleaning head which should make cleaning of dry waste a lot easier to do. When you notice that there are wet puddles or mess on your floor surfaces then all you need to do is to flip the Broom Mop to its other side and you now have a wet or dry mop to easily get rid of set wet mess. The product also has a built in squeegee so you should be able to use the Broom Mop to clean your windows and mirrors as well. With all these functions, the Broom Mop is undoubtedly a truly versatile cleaning tool that you will find to be very useful.

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