Brownie Derby - The Brownie Bowl Maker That Beats Baking Brownies in a Pan

Do you love to make desserts like brownies, but hate that they all look the same and taste the same as well? Stop baking brownies in a pan alone; make delicious brownie bowls instead using the Brownie Derby™. This amazing brownie maker might look like a hat on first glance, but it is actually a useful baking tool that should put a neat twist onto everybody's favorite brownies. All you need to do is pour your favorite brownie mix into the Brownie Derby and bake as usual. Once you are done baking, all you need to do is pop out your brownie bowl! You can do this easily without any mess as the Brownie Derby's silicone surface ensures that nothing sticks to it. Every time you make brownies with the Brownie Derby, you will make a perfect brownie bowl that is perfectly cooked with a moist texture inside yet a chewy feel on the outside, thanks to the Brownie Derby's unique design. With a brownie bowl, you can easily fill it with cream, ice-cream, or just about any filling you can think of in order for you to come up with a unique yet amazingly delicious dessert that you, your family and guests will surely love.

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