Brush on Block - The Sunscreen That Is Easy To Put On And Comfortable To Use

Skin Cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer. Millions of people can fall prey to it because everybody is exposed to the sun and its harmful radiation. Practically everybody is at risk of skin cancer, because virtually everyone is exposed to the sun on a regular basis. Regular sunscreen would do the trick, if only it didn't have so many hassles. Most varieties are greasy or sticky. This means they are uncomfortable to wear and complicated to spread or spray on. They cannot be used with makeup as they will undo your work, nor can they be put on before makeup as they create an unnatural base. Another problem is the chemical formulation, which is sometimes irritating to sensitive skin, as well as painful to the eyes if sweat or water makes the sunscreen run. That's where Brush on Block® comes in. Brush On Block uses natural mineral powder as a sunscreen that you brush on rather than spread on. This means no more greasy feeling. It is made of sweat and water resistant ingredients that are hypo-allergenic, so it won't be running into your eyes and causing you undue pain and irritation. Its special formulation means that you can put it over your makeup without damaging your look. Brush On Block will make you change how you think about sunscreen, and you owe it to your skin to try it today, because you will surely be stepping out into the sun.

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