Brush Pets - The Perfect Fun Talking Animal Toothbrush Holder for Kids

Do you find it hard to make your kids brush their teeth, or do you want to teach them the proper way on how to brush their teeth and get beautiful, pearly white teeth? Brush Pets™ are the perfect tooth brush tools for you to use. Brush Pets will transform your child's boring looking toothbrush into something that looks fun and exciting for your child that it will be a whole lot easier for you to make them brush their teeth. The Brush Pets toothbrush holder comes in a wide variety of colorful and fun looking designs that will surely appeal to your child. This holder also makes it very easy for your child to grasp the toothbrush, making for a whole lot less mess. The Brush Pets also teaches your child how to brush properly. As your child starts to brush, all you or your child needs to do is to press a button, and the Brush Pets will actually talk! It will continue to encourage your child to brush for 2 minutes; the recommended duration of tooth brushing. With Brush Pets, not only will it be very easy to make your children brush their teeth, it will also encourage and teach them how to properly brush as well.

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