Brushbie - Reviews Say this is an Easy Way to Sanitize and Reshape Your Make Up Brushes for Safe Re-Use

Did you know that your make-up brushes, especially the old and frequently used ones, can actually be a suitable home for bacteria, which can actually cause skin blemishes and other problems? With the Brushbie™ however, you can easily clean and reshape your make up brushes like never before. While you would usually just run water through your make up brushes to clean them, this could be extremely messy, and cannot actually remove the bacteria that may have called your makeup brushes their home. This is not a problem with the Brushbie. To use, all you need to do is apply the foaming cleanser onto the Brushbie, wash and rinse your make up brushes on the specially stippled surface of the Brushbie, and then dry and shape it in the super absorbent handle built into the Brushbie. Reviews love that the Brushbie not only makes it very easy and mess-free to clean through make-up brushes no matter how much make up residue is left, but it also allows the brushes to dry quickly and shapes them as well, which not only makes them bacteria free, but makes your used make-up brushes feel like brand new again, saving you a lot of money from the need to buy new make-up brushes from time to time.

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