Bucket Stool - Convert a Bucket into a Comfortable Place to Sit On with this Product

A number of tasks that we do in and around the house, as well as some stuff that we do outdoors, involves using a bucket in one way or another. You can actually convert these buckets that are being used into comfortable areas to sit on with the Bucket Stool™. All you need to do is to place the Bucket Stool on standard sized 3.5 and 5 gallon buckets. As seen on www.bucketstool.com, the Bucket Stool's design effectively distributes weight around the rim of the bucket, so you can sit on it with no problems at all. What's great about the Bucket Stool is that you can still have access to the inside of the bucket so whether you are cleaning the car, playing catch with a lot of balls or doing gardening work, the Bucket Stoll can actually give you a lot of comfort and also improved convenience and efficiency when doing said tasks. Also, what's great about the Bucket Stool is that it can be used as a lid for buckets so as you move the bucket that you are losing from place to place, the Bucket Stool can help to prevent the insides from spilling. Despite how simple the Bucket Stool's design and function is, it can actually help quite a lot in making tasks a lot more convenient and comfortable to do.

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