Bug Out Brella - Turn Your Umbrella into a Bug Screen or Tent

Staying outdoors on your on a hot day is a great way to cool down and feel the fresh wind blowing, but with a traditional umbrella, bugs and insects can pester your otherwise relaxating time outdoors. If you want to have an insect free time outdoors, then the Bug Out Brella™ is the perfect companion to your regular umbrella. The Bug Out Brella is really easy to use. All you need to do is to cinch the top and drape the BugOut Brella onto your regular umbrella. The Bug Out Brella functions as a bug screen to keep pesky flies, mosquitoes and other insects from disturbing your relaxing time inside. Compared to a tent, the BugOutBrella is much more comfortable and relaxing as it keeps insects and other solid outdoor elements outside the umbrella shade while at the same time allowing fresh air to go in. Is there a strong wind blowing? No problem! The Bug Out Brella features a stay put bottom that is guaranteed to stay in place despite the strong wind. These features make the Bug Out Brella perfect for picnics, camping, going to the beach and many more. So if you are planning on going outdoors to enjoy fresh air, the Bug Out Brella will ensure that you will have a much cooler, insect free experience.

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