Bullseye Potty Stone - The Potty Training Tool That Will Replace The Ineffective Potty Pads You Get for Your Pet

A dog is a great pet and companion to have, and you most likely have a lot of fun caring for your dog. Nobody likes to clean up after the mess that your dog usually leaves around the house however, so if you want to potty train your dog and minimize the mess that your pet leaves in the different areas of your house then the Bullseye Potty Stone™ is the potty training tool that will help you out. It might just look like a red flat cylinder when you first see it, but it actually is more than what it seems. Infused into the Bullseye Potty Stone are pheromones, substances that attract your dog. Whenever you feel like it's time for your dog to potty, simply place the Bullseye Potty Stone on the open yard and your dog will pee or poo there. Over time, your dog will be trained to potty on that specific area only. What this means is that your dog will not go to the bathroom on other parts of the house like the drive way, the floor, or worse, the carpet, which could lead to a lot less hassle when cleaning after your dog, and will reduce the unwanted smell and stink that your dog's waste can cause.

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