Bunion Bliss - These Socks Provide Relief from the Pain of Foot Bunions Without a Splint or Surgery

No one wants to suffer with a painful bunion on the foot. Not only do bunions cause pain and swelling on the feet, but they can lead to an unhealthy cramping of the toes. And the pain on the feet only seems to get worse as the day wears on. Now relief comes at last with Bunion Bliss™, socks that are specially designed to treat the symptoms of bunions. Bunions Bliss relieves the harm done by bunions in two ways. The Bunions Bliss socks contain a contoured orthotic gel pad that uses medical-grade moisturizing oil to material protect your aching bunion from pressure and irritation that can be caused by shoes. Next, a built-in toe separating cushion and extra-wide toe box prevent unhealthy toe crowding. Bunions create pressure that builds against the big toe causing painful friction and toe cramps. Until now the only effective treatments have been expensive surgery or an uncomfortable bunion splint. But with BunionBliss you simply slip on the socks and the treatment starts immediately to soothe the feet and prevent swelling, throbbing, and cramping. This doctor-recommended product is hypo-allergenic and latex-free, so you won't have to worry about an allergic reaction to them. The Bunion Bliss socks are completely machine washable. They are available in either white or black. If you have been looking for an easy treatment for bunion pain relief, Bunion Bliss is for you.

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