Cake Cup - Ice Cream, Pizza, Chili, and Brownies Make Any Kind of Food Cup With the Cake Cup

The foodie fun never ends with when you have a Cake Cup™! Cake Cup is the revolutionary cup shaped food maker that will have you inventing whole new recipes of awesome for you, your family and your friends to feast on. The original idea behind the Cake Cup is exactly what it is named, a cake in the shape of a cup. Why would you want that, you ask? Well just imagine getting to put fruits, ice cream, batter, frosting, or all of the above into a cup for eating, and being able to eat the container just like you eat an ice cream cone! But the Cake Cup can do more than just that. Imagine being able to make biscuit cups filled with Chilli. How about brownie cups filled with ice cream and fruits. Pizza dough cups that are filled with delicious toppings all capped off with cheese. My mouth is just watering thinking of all the delicious recipes one could make with them. Even the thought of inventing a new recipe with this amazing invention should give any foodie fiend a tingle in their spine. Get yourself a Cake Cup today and bring even more fun to your dining table! You know your stomach wants you to.

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