Car Valet - Add More Cup Holders and Storage Space to Your Car with Ease

Bringing cups and drinks inside the car can get quite inconvenient as you usually do not have space to store them as your cup holders are usually filled with other stuff like change, cards or tickets and many more. To solve this storage problem, you will want to get the Car Valet™. The Car Valet adds 2 more cup holder spaces as well as a small central pocket for your car. What's great about the product is how it's mounted to your car's interior. Simply slide the Car Valet in the middle of the front seats of your car and the center console. This allows the CarValet to add more storage space into your car without the need for complicated or unreliable mounting methods. Now you actually have space to bring and mount more cups and drinks inside your car while at the same time minimizing the possibility of accidental spills and mess from occurring inside. Also, the Car Valet can be used as a general storage area for different objects inside your car like change, chargers, mobile phones and many more, making it much easier to keep your car looking clean and organized. With the Car Valet, storage and bringing of drinks will never be an issue for you anymore.

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