Cardio Poles - The Best Walking Pole to Enhance Your Walk

Walking regularly is a great exercise. Cardio Poles™ can help your regular walking regimen an even better exercise. Walking helps exercise your body and increase your heart rate, allowing you to burn more calories and fat that can be detrimental to the body in high levels. However, walking usually only involves the lower part of the body. Cardio Poles changes that. In addition to exercising your legs while walking, Cardio Poles also help you exercise your upper body as well! This leads to a total body workout that allows you to burn more calories and fat and improve your strength and endurance for overall better health. Cardio Poles features the patented air-resistance technology that provides pressure and resistance to your arms while walking, incorporating an upper body workout to an otherwise lower body focused exercise when you walk. The resistance on the Cardio Poles can be adjusted between light, moderate, and firm levels to suit your needs. Not only do these poles improve your exercise, they also help improve your posture and balance for a better figure. Many reviews on the internet praise Cardio Poles as a great addition to any walking regimen! At a fraction of the cost of other walking poles in the market today, adding Cardio Poles to your daily walk is a no-brainer!

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