Cardio Twister - The Brenda Dygraf CardioTwister Machine is a Complete System to Lose Weight and Burn Calories

If it's time to finally buckle down and lose the weight, it's time for a breakthrough in quick and effective weight loss machine technology. And it's here with Cardio Twister™, the fat-burning, muscle-toning system that will have you losing up to 10 inches in as little as 10 days. Created by international fitness expert Brenda Dygraf, Cardio Twister reviews rave about the machine's unique and intelligent design - it's like nothing you've ever seen! But Cardio Twister is super-easy to use - just step on and grab the handles, then follow along with Brenda Dygraf's Cardio Twist Express Workout Party DVD. That's it! With Cardio Twister, your feet move in two directions - up and down and side to side - while your upper body twists with the handle bars. This maximizes the effort on over 20 core muscles, including your abs and obliques, for a focused workout that gets real results. At the same time, CardioTwister works the rest of your body so you burn fat and tone muscle on your shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, butt, legs, thighs and calves - all at the same time. Cardio Twister gives you that sexy body you've always wanted in no time flat. Just listen to what Brenda Dygraf has to say: "You want the solution to be simple to follow, quick and effective. That's what Cardio Twister is all about." CardioTwister is compact, yet holds up to 250 pounds with a super strong health club steel base, anti-slip pedals and soft-padded handles. It gives you a better workout than a treadmill, stairclimber and elliptical machine combined - yet is available at just a fraction of the cost. And Cardio Twister is a whole lot more fun. If you order right away, Cardio Twister packs plenty of free bonuses for you, including the Thin, Trim and Tasty Reduced Calorie Meal Plan, Super Twist Rip and Ride Workout, Rapid Start 20 Day Weight Loss Diet and a digital training computer that monitors your calorie burn, steps taken and time. It's time to get into shape, once and for all.

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