Carwoo! - The Easiest, Most Comfortable Way of Buying A Car

You can spend so much time and effort looking for a new car, not to mention patience in dealing with pushy salesmen and other vendors. That or you can look online at confusing websites that aren't geared towards the consumer's convenience, with offers that are confusing and layouts that are full of ads. Isn't buying your own car supposed to be a fun, wonderful time? With Carwoo!™, it can be! Carwoo is the amazing new website that is designed for the car buyer, not the car seller. You begin by picking the kind of car you want to buy using simple drop down menus. Pick the make, pick the model, enter your zipcode and then Carwoo will create a want ad for you that all the dealers will see. They can then make offers to you, and because they can all see each other's offer, you can bet you will get the best deal in buying your car with all of them trying to outdo each other. From there, you can easily make counter offers and negotiate with the dealer without having to give out your information. You can even see each review of past buyers for each dealer, so you know what kind of service they provide. When you have finally made a decision, you can select which offer to pick and only that dealer will get your information. Doesn't that sound simple, hassle free and money saving? If you are buying a new car, try

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