Catch a Critter - Reviews say this Will Help Develop Your Pet's Intelligence

Dogs are very intelligent animals but you will need to develop this intelligence of theirs in order for them to utilize it to the fullest. If you are looking for a tool that will help develop your pet dog's intelligence then the Catch a Critter™ is the product to get. The Catch a Critter is basically a toy for your pet dog. This toy is made up of 3 critters that you insert into the CatchACritter. Once your dog spots these little critters; this will trigger your dog's natural instinct to search and capture, and will make your dog try to pull out each critter from the Catch a Critter. When your dog is done, you simply just insert the little critters back into the Catch a Critter again for your dog to try and pull out and this can be done over and over again thanks to the high quality materials and durable construction of this product. As seen on, this effect of the Catch a Critter will act as an exercise for your dog's mind and will help your dog stay sharp and alert and should also do wonders in developing your dog's intelligence. What reviews also love is the fact that this effect of the Catch a Critter will allow your dog to have an outlet for his or her energies and can save your furniture and the other parts of your house's interior from getting damaged because your dog has become bored and starts scratching and biting at anything that your dog comes into contact with.

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