CatchCam - Best Compact Video Camera that Fits on Your Keychain Along with Your Key

Do you want to have a camera readily on standby to capture significant moments, yet you do not want to be bogged down by a heavy, bulky camera that can be difficult to use? Then the CatchCam™ is the camera for you. It is the best compact camera available on the market today. How compact is the Catch Cam? It's actually smaller than most car remotes, so it is definitely small and very easy to carry around. It's small size makes it perfect for a variety of uses. This includes attaching the CatchCam onto your helmet, car dashboard or bike to capture what's going on on the road. You can also attach it to your RC helicopter for a better view from the sky. You can even use the CatchCam as your personal security camera or you can just place it in your bag, ready to capture moments whenever you need it. Despite its diminutive size, the CatchCam produces high quality video that is crisp and clear, and has great audio as well. You can even capture still photos if you wish. The lithium ion battery that powers the CatchCam will give you hours of use, and that you can easily charge it on any USB port available. The CatchCam keycam also works great with a PC or a Mac, allowing you to easily download videos and images for viewing on your computer. So if you are looking for the smallest camera you can get, then the CatchCam is perfect for you.

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