Chef Cradle - Excellent Reviews on the Cradle That Gives You a Perfect and Healthy Roast Every Time

Roasting is a great way to prepare food, but can be hard to do and messy to serve. With the Chef Cradle™, you get all the benefits of roasting without the hassle and with little to no mess at all. Roasting is not only a great method in making mouthwatering dishes but is also an effective way of preparing food a lot healthier. Frying meats and vegetables infuses them with oil, and can contribute to high cholesterol levels. Roasting with the Chef Cradle makes all the excess oil and fat drip from the food you are preparing, making it good for the heart and for your overall health. With a conventional roasting rack, it seems like you have to fight it in order to serve whatever food you have roasted with it. Not with the Chef Cradle! All you need to do is release the Cradle's center pin, and your food slides down to the plate with no hassle and no mess at all! Thanks to the non-stick coating on the Chef Cradle, you are sure to have all your food on the plate and not have bits and pieces on the rack. Cleanup is also a breeze with the Chef Cradle, with no hard scrubbing needed. This Cradle is also the ultimate space saver, as it folds up and takes very little space in your kitchen.

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