Chefs Thumb - A Truly Innovative Kitchen Accessory that will Make Food Preparation and Cooking a Whole Lot Easier

If you do most of the cooking at home then you are surely familiar with the hassles and difficulties that a person encounters especially during food preparation. Activities like slicing, dicing, peeling and the like are not only time consuming but they also can be very risky especially for your hands and fingers, so if you want to do these food preparation activities with utmost ease and the safest way possible then the Chefs Thumb™ is the perfect kitchen accessory for you. As the name goes, it is an accessory that you slip on to your thumb. Since this part of the hand is the primary one that you use to grip and keep the food in place while slicing and cutting, having the Chef's Thumb on will protect it from cuts and other accidents. Aside from just providing protection, the Chef's Thumb also enhances the grip that you can have onto the food ingredients that you are working with. Chef's Thumb features a viper bite system that grips deeper into the fruits, vegetables or meats that you are cutting. Not only does this allow you to cut the foot faster without any worries of slipping, but you will also get to cut to the tip of the food while still maintaining an even cutting consistency to them.

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