Chillow - Reviews Call This the Best Way to Make Your Pillow Cold and Keep it Cool Throughout the Night

Do you find yourself not getting a good night's rest because you constantly toss and turn around trying to find a cool and comfortable position? Your hot pillow is the culprit, but with the Chillow™, you will surely get great sleep every time. The Chillow is a revolutionary pillow pack that cools down your pillow, making it very comfortable to lie on and will help you get to sleep in no time at all. The Chillow can achieve this amazing effect with the use of SoothSoft technology incorporated inside the pillow. It features water cooled memory foam that will keep your pillow cold for hours. The Chillow can easily fit inside your pillow case, or you can also lie on the Chillow directly in order to fully experience its cooling effects. To renew the Chillow's cool temperature, all you need to do is place it inside a refrigerator for about 15 to 30 minutes and you will notice it gets cold again. The Chillow can help solve your sleep problems, with one reviewer praising the Chillow for helping her get rid of her migraines during bedtime. So if you want to experience maximum comfort and coolness during sleep, the Chillow is definitely for you!

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