Chit Chats - Reviews Love that this Stuffed Animal will Allow your Child to Send Short Messages

It is not secret that a lot of children love stuffed animals but if your child already has a lot of them and you are looking for a different kind of stuffed animal that has a number of features for your child to enjoy then Chit Chats is what you will want to get for your child. Like all great stuffed animals, Chit Chats™ are made out of really soft and plush materials that makes them very fun to play with and cuddle for children. As seen on, Chit Chats features 4 different stuffed animal designs which includes Chatty Moose, Chatty Puppy, Chatty Panda and Chatty Giraffe which your child will find to be very cute. Aside from their great stuffed animal qualities however, these Chit Chats has a feature that separates it from other stuffed animals. ChitChats has a voice recording and speaker function that will allow your child to record messages and then send them to other friends who have Chit Chats for easy and fun communication. Reviews also love that, along with the iOS or Android app of Chit Chats, children will be able to send their own short messages to loved ones even if they are far away.

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