Chop Magic - Unique Box Shaped Slicer and Chopper Easily Slices Through Vegetable and Other Food

If there is one thing that most people hate when they cook, it's the time consuming, messy and sometime dangerous chore of having to chop and slice food ingredients, vegetables and the like. If you are looking for a tool that will make this chore a lot easier, safer and mess free, then the Chop Magic™ is the chopper that you have been looking for. At first glance, you will surely find the Chop Magic's box shape to be unique. This design is unlike any other but is not all just for show. To start using the Chop Magic you should first place one of the 2 Chop Magic slicers on the transparent box: one is a chopper and the other one is a dicer. So if you want to chop an onion, place it on the slicer and then use the Chop Magic's lid to press the onion through the slicer. That's it! You now have perfectly chopped or diced onions in a snap. The stainless steel blades of the Chop Magic slicer will chop or dice through a wide variety of vegetables and ingredients like potatoes, carrots, fruits and many more. The catch container not only minimizes the mess, but also keeps potentially tear-inducing and irritating fumes from food sealed. The Chop Magic is definitely a chopping tool that you should have in your kitchen, and it will allow you to prepare foods real fast and easy.

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