Chop N Twist - Reviews Say This Product Will Allow You to Prepare Food with Minimal Clutter and Mess

Whipping up homemade dishes is something that your family surely looks forward to, but doing so can cause a lot of mess and clutter in your kitchen, especially when you start to chop, slice or dice the different food ingredients that you use. If you want to create homemade dishes but with as little hassle and mess as possible then the Chop N Twist™ is the perfect kitchen kit for you. It allows you to cut, grate or even peel your food ingredients with ease. The top of the ChopNTwist is a chopping board that provides a stable and elevated base to make you cut through food easily. The chopping board area also features swivel areas that will allow you to cut food ingredients faster than ever. Once you are done chopping, you can easily pull out the swivel cover, place your plate or food storage container under the chopping board and simply slide through your food ingredients directly onto the plate for a mess-free transfer of food ingredients. You can also replace the swivel cover of the Chop N Twist with graters or peelers. With the mess free way of transferring food, the twisting action of the chop board as well as the interchangeable blade attachments, the Chop N Twist will certainly allow you to prepare food with ease and with virtually no mess at all.

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