Choptastic - This Chopper and Slicer is the Best Way to Slice and Chop Vegetables in Just Seconds

Chopping veggies the old fashioned way with a knife and cutting board can take forever and be a real tedious chore in the kitchen. But with Choptastic™ you can chop, mince, slice, cube, dice in just seconds. It is lightening fast and gets entire vegetables sliced in just one pass. Chop-tastic will chop a whole onion in seconds with no odor and no tears. Imagine using this chopper to julienne an entire squash, pepper, and zucchini in just 3 seconds, so that those vegetables are ready for a delicious stir fry. This slicer goes through solid sweat potatoes like a warm knife through butter. The secret to this revolutionary food slicer is 12 ultra-sharp stainless steel precision blades that guarantee uniform results every single time. Choptastic is not just for chopping vegetables: you can use it to prepare meats and cheeses as well for all kinds of amazing recipes. The Fine Blade attachment can be used to instantly mince garlic, mushrooms, and onions...and can even mince nuts for dessert toppings. Every part of this product stores neatly inside the unit for compact storage. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Best of all the Choptastic chopper and slicer comes with a lifetime blade replacement guarantee, so you know you can always rely on it for quick slicing and chopping.

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