Cinchy - The Cinch Bag Versatile Enough to be Used as a Purse, Travel Bag and More

If you are tired of having to use different bags for different purposes and occasions, then why not get one versatile bag for all your carrying needs that you can use virtually anytime, anywhere and for any occasion? The Cinchy™ is the bag that you are looking for and it truly is the most versatile and useable bag you will ever encounter. This unique and innovative cinch bag is basically a mat that you can cinch up in order to turn it into a bag. With the Cinchy, you have a water resistant and comfortable mat that you can use on picnics, going to sporting events , going camping and more. If you need to bring stuff with you on your travels, the cinchy has 8 large mesh pockets in which you can store make up, school supplies and other small stuff with. The center area of the cinchy can be used to store larger items like clothing, stuffed toys for the kids, sleeping bags and many more. Once you have stuffed everything that you need, simply cinch up the Cinchy and it is now a travelling bag. You can also use the cinchy as a sports bag or a purse thanks to its versatility and unique but neutral design. With Cinchy, you can make do without your big and bulky bags and use only one durable, lightweight and versatile cinch bag.

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