Clean Pup - Save Your Floors from the Dirt and Moisture that Your Dog Can Bring into Your Home

Having a pet dog can be a fun experience but it is no fun at all when your dog brings in a lot of dirt, mud and moisture into the house, which can really ruing the look of your floors. If you are looking for a product that will protect your floors from the contaminants that your dog can bring into the home then Clean Pup™ is a product that you should use. All you need to do is to put the CleanPup mat onto the entrances of your home which your dog uses to get inside. As seen on, the Clean Pup mat features a special microfiber material that has thousands of fingers spread all over the mat. These special microfiber fingers are able to absorb excess moisture, dirt, grime and mud from the feet of your dog in just seconds. This ensures that the dirt from the outside that your dog's feet have been exposed to will not ruin the clean and pristine look of the floors that you have inside your home. Also, the Clean Pup can soak up a lot of water and dirt without leaking so you are guaranteed that the Clean Pup will be able to effectively prevent mess from developing around the area of the mat, minimizing the need for your cleanup efforts.

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