Clean Squeeze - Effectively Clean Yourself with Water After Using the Toilet with this Product

Do you hate how uncomfortable you feel using toilet paper to clean up after using the toilet? Utilize water for a better clean in an easy way with Clean Squeeze™. To use, all you need to do is to fill up the Clean Squeeze with tap water. As seen on, after you are finished using the toilet, simply extend the CleanSqueeze wand, so that you can easily reach behind you. Once that is done, simply squeeze on the product to release a jet of water. With this product, you will not need to have a bidet system installed in your toilet which will surely save you a lot of money. Also, using Clean Squeeze will give you a much cleaner feeling after using the toilet when compared to using toilet paper. Also, the water that the Clean Squeeze can release feels much gentler compared to using toilet paper so if you have problems like hemorrhoids then Clean Squeeze is without a doubt the more comfortable way to clean up. Also, what's great about the Clean Squeeze is that it is quite portable so you will be able to easily bring the product with you virtually wherever you go in a discrete manner.

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