Clear 2 Go - This Water Bottle With Its Own Filter That Beats Other Purification Containers

Clear 2 Go™ is bringing safe, crystal clear water to thousands of parched throats all over, with its amazing in-bottle filter that can remove 99% of harmful compounds from water. There are no other water containers like it in the market. No matter how dirty the water you put into Clear 2 Go is, it will always come out crystal clear, perfect tasting, and safe to drink. You can put ashes, condiments, soil, dirt, wine, juice and any other unwanted things into the water, but when you squeeze it out of the Clear 2 Go bottle, it will come out ready to drink and delicious. It does this its ultra powerful filter that will bust 99% of all unwanted compounds and particles in water. On top of that, the filter is designed to work for over 100 gallons of water, meaning you get the ultimate bang for your buck. And because the Clear 2 Go is portable, you can have access to clear, great tasting water practically anywhere. Many a review of the Clear 2 Go water bottle is one brimming with delight, as this wonderful product brings peace of mind and convenience like no other. Water is essential to human life, and being able to drink from majority of the water sources that surrounds us is a priceless thing. Get yourself a Clear 2 Go today!

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