Clear Dash HD - Reviews say this Dash Cam Lets You to Effectively Capture Video While Driving

Accidents can happen in the road as you drive and the problem with this is that it sometimes can be difficult to prove that you did nothing wrong in order to cause the accident. If you are looking for a dash cam camera that will allow you to get video footage when you drive so that you will have proof should accidents happen or should you be stopped due to a supposed traffic violation, then the Clear Dash HD™ is the product that you should get. As seen on, the ClearDash HD features a suction cup mounting base that easily and effectively mounts onto any windshield and is guaranteed to not fall off thanks to the strong suction power. Also, the Clear Dash HD features a high performance camera that can shoot clear and detailed video complete with time and date stamp. Also, the camera features a 120-degree wide viewing angle which is able to capture a wide view of the road ahead, and that the camera can even be pivoted to view the rear area of your vehicle as well. The Clear Dash HD also connects to your vehicle in order to start it automatically as you start the vehicle. Reviews also love that the Clear Dash HD can support up to a 32 GB SD Card, allowing you to record 14 hours' worth of high quality audio and video footage as you drive.

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