Clever Grip - The Mobile Phone or Smart Phone Stand That Reviews Say is Reliable and Versatile for Car or Home Use

Having a modern mobile phone or smart phone is definitely very convenient but when you are inside the car driving, your phone can be very hard to use and can even fall off, damaging your phone and putting you at risk for accidents while driving. If you have tried using suction based car mounts for your phone and you have had bad experiences with them, then you will want to make a switch to the Clever Grip™. The product is a universal car mount for your mobile phone or smart phone that will be able to provide a secure and reliable hold for your phone while driving. The CleverGrip attaches to any size or design of air vent in a vehicle which not only makes it more stable and reliable than suction cup based car mounts, but also puts your mobile phone at level with your car’s instruments and gauges, eliminating obstructions from your view while driving. The Clever Grip also features a spring loading mechanism to secure the phone, making it easily adjustable and gives a nice, firm grip on the phone. Reviews also love the fact that the Clever Grip can be used as a phone stand on a desk or flat surface, making it useable with your phone whether you are in or outside the car.

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