Clever Tongs - Make Handling Food While Cooking or Serving a Lot Easier to Do With this Product

Do you love to cook a lot of homemade meals, but you frequently find yourself having some difficulty effectively handling certain types of food? The Clever Tongs™ is a tool that you will find to be very useful then. This product features a rather simple yet very innovative design decision of combining the function of both a pair of tongs and a spatula in one. As seen on, you hold and use the Clever Tongs like you would conventional tongs which gives you the grip that you need to easily pick up food. However, in between the two parts of the Clever Tongs is a flat and wide surface that is flexible. This allows you to scoop food like you would a spatula. With these parts together, the Clever Tongs makes it so much easier for you to lift and transfer food from pots to containers and vice versa with little risk for dropping the food, minimizing waste and mess. Also, what’s great about the Clever Tongs is that they are made with quality materials, with the tips and spatula parts of the product made out of non-stick and heat resistant silicone materials. With this product, handling food from the pan or pot to the serving plate or bowl will be very easy to do and that this will definitely save you a lot of time and hassle when handling food.

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